Outside Magazine Girls got Nothing on My Gal

After reading the Outside magazine article about the double X factor girls, I realized that as impressive as those young ladies are, they aren’t the real bad ass women they should be interviewing and taking suggestive pictures of.

Of course taking pics of twenty something athletes and writing short snippets about their accomplishments sells magazines. But the real badasses aren’t the twenty something trust funders (actually I don’t know if they’re trust funders, but how do they support 6 hours of surfing every day without jobs?) but the women that bring it while having real lives based on family and external commitments.

Women with kids and jobs that have to get up at 4AM and hit the pavement for a 2 hour run. Women that sacrifice their sleep and their time in order to stay fit, while still being there to put the kids on the school bus and have dinner ready in the evening. Those are the true badasses. Those are the women that know how to overcome adversity.

Oh and guess what, they aren’t twenty or even 30, but wait for it…40. These women, like my wife, have been treading water, staying fit, but not having the time to really take it to the next level. But now the waiting is over, the kids are old enough to take care of themselves (for the most part) and that frees up more time for training.

My wife competes in triathlons, runs and even some bike events, but you’ll never read about her in Outside magazine. She finishes in the top 10 in most events she enters, but she doesn’t have the time or money to travel to exotic locales and compete in high-profile races. She’s a hero to me and her friends and family but beyond that she’s an unknown.

Yet every event we go to, we see these women (and men) competing; unbelievably driven athletes kicking ass and taking names.

The 40 year olds understand what it takes to compete and win or at least do well, they understand the power of training even when the body starts screaming to stop. They know their bodies won’t fare as well as the 20-year-old bodies but they’re willing to take the pain in spite of the facts.

I compete as well, mostly in triathlons and there is no better feeling when you pass another competitor and you notice the number on their calf says they’re 20. That must be awful to realize the person passing you is twice your age. (I’ve actually been passed by many 60 year olds…it aint fun)

So, Outside magazine can keep taking pictures of their super-fit twenty year olds, I’ll probably keep ogling them, but for me the true badasses aren’t the world cup winners or the olympic athletes but the men and women in suburbia busting out workouts in the darkness of early morning in the rain.

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