Oregon Snow Pack: Looking Good

What do you do in mid-winter when you’re an avid whitewater enthusiast? You look at the water table and figure out what the coming river season will hold.

deep snow
Creative Commons License photo credit: Minimalist Photography

So far this Winter things are looking really good. There has been a lot of big storms hitting the northwest and the snow depth tables are all saying well over 100 percent. This site is very useful and shows us that for the rogue river basin the average is 121 percent of normal. this site updates daily which is really useful.

However, watching the snow tables is kind of like watching the stock market. There are constant fluctuations and each day is different. It’s far better to follow trends, not day-to-day. There’s also not one damned thing you can do about the results, so what’s the point of it? Really there isn’t one.

Besides, instead of worrying about snow pack you should be out with your kids skiing and playing in all the bountiful snow.

Isn’t it nice to know that all that snow were skiing on now will eventually touch our oars and paddles this Spring and Summer? Love that!

So for now, the Oregon snow pack is looking good. With Winter only just begun we should be in good shape come Spring and Summer as long as the storms keep coming through dropping that luscious liquid onto our playgrounds.

I’m thinking my first raft trip this Spring will be on the Illinois river. Last year we lucked out and got on it on the weekend of April 23rd, this year, with the snow pack, we may want to plan that for a bit later like mid-May.

The snow pack keeps us guessing but at least you can gauge some idea of river trip dates based on the information.

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