The Best Raft Pump

I have been on countless whitewater rafting trips and inflated rafts with many different kinds of pumps. Everything from car battery-powered pumps to foot pumps, I’ve seen them all. They all have some value, but the best raft pump I’ve come across is the K-pump.


It has many advantages over other pumps:

1. Compact- There are 4 different versions of this pump and they are all smaller than most raft pumps. The biggest is only 32 inches long, the shortest, a mere 22 inches. They are cylindrical which makes them highly stowable in your raft load. They slide easily into the little slots that inevitably occur when packing dry bags.

They also don’t come with long, hard to stow hose attachments. It’s all one compact piece of equipment.

2. They Float- If you didn’t get your K-pump stowed very well, or you had a mishap and the bottom of your boat is suddenly facing the sky, these pumps float like corks. You won’t lose it on the bottom of the river.

3. Incredibly easy to use- The most important part of any pump is how easy and how well it pumps. The K-Pumps are the easiest operating pumps I’ve ever come across. It is so easy in fact, it doesn’t feel like any air is being pushed into the raft tubes.

However, the volume of air being pumped is incredible. I have a 15 foot SOTAR raft and I can pump it up with my K200 faster than any other pump, including electric pumps; without even breaking a sweat!

4. Durable- These pumps are made of a PCV type material called ABS. It is specially made material which is durable and UV resistant. The company is so confident in their materials and craftsmanship that they back their pumps with a 2 year warranty.

To help give your pumps longevity there are some useful K-Pump care videos to watch.

K-pumps are an awesome asset for anyone needing to blow up rafts and inflatable kayaks. They are ranged in price from 70 bucks for the K100 to 170bucks for the innovative two stage K400. It aint chump change, but each pump is worth every penny.

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