Volkl AC50s… My New Babies

I’m an old school kind of guy. I tend to hang onto my old gear years and years after it’s technology has been made obsolete, however this year I’ve done some serious upgrades. I’ve traded in my 1992 vintage mountain bike for a 2010 full suspension Giant, and most recently (days ago) dropped some serious cash on a new pair of downhill skis.

The last time I bought new skis was in High School when I begged my parents for a new pair of Slalom race skis. The night I got those I pulled them into bed with me and caressed them until sleep came.

I had those skis all through college and beyond. I finally upgraded when my brother-in-law passed along his Salomon X-screams. This was my first venture into the new shaped ski craze and I loved them. They were old when I got them, but I skied on them for another 8 seasons.

Last week I was in Tahoe (see previous post) and noticed that not a single skier was on a pair of skis more than 2 or 3 years old. My old X-Screams stuck out like a sore thumb.

That doesn’t really bother me, I love having old gear and still being able to out ski most of em, but it got me thinking that maybe there was something to the new technology.

I decided it was time to check the new shit out. As luck would have it my local ski shop, Rogue ski shop, was having an end of the year sale. I talked for hours about the new technology with their knowledgeable staff and finally decided to buy the 2011 Volkl AC50s.

volkl ac50
My new skis- Volkl AC50

I originally wanted to get into the new twin tip reverse camber stuff, but they convinced me that those weren’t conducive to my racing style of skiing and doubted I’d enjoy them.

My first venture onto the slopes with my new skis was amazing. It was a blue bird day with warm temperatures. The snow was soft in the sun and hard in the shade. These skis absolutely shredded everything I asked them to do. The stability was phenomenal even in unexpected ice.

The AC50s are touted as more of a giant slalom ski so I was a little concerned about the amount of pop they’d have in quick turn situations. I had nothing to fear, the skis popped from edge to edge with lightning speed, initiating before I even thought about it.

I haven’t had the chance to take them onto cut up powder or crud yet, but I’m confident they’ll eat that up with ease. They’re wider than any ski I’ve ever been on which will add some serious float, more than I’ve ever experienced, so I’m not worried. These skis simply ROCK!

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