Kids Skiing Powder

We’ve been skiing with our kids for quite  a while now, and they can ski almost everything we can. We started them young, getting them to the mountain when they were 4 years old, and now they are great little skiers.

The hard work of teaching them to ski has been evident this year, because their skill levels have shot up. This was made crystal clear when we took the kids powder skiing.

Our local mountain got a fresh dump of 10 inches of light powder. It was hovering around 17 degrees keeping the conditions perfect. It was snowing at least an inch an hour the entire time, adding to the perfection.

We skied hard, not having to worry about lift lines because everyone was waiting out the storm (silly fair weather skiers).

You’ve heard the quote, “there are no friends on powder days”? If you can’t keep up you can’t ski with us…we aren’t waiting. I’m not saying I’d ditch my kids…but I didn’t have to, they were right there with us.

We skied the trees, the bowls, everything and we never had to wait for them. Sure the powder was light and perfect, but even then, skiing powder can be tough for kids. They’re used to groomers, but not our little powder skiers, they ripped it up.

All the hard work of the previous years was paying off. They weren’t only keeping up, they were begging for more; wanting to hit the trees and find all the fresh lines. One of my boys was even launching off some pretty serious jumps. We couldn’t stop laughing all day long.

I don’t have any tips for teaching kids to ski powder other than just doing it. There aren’t any magic techniques, there’s just practice.

The only thing we were careful of, was making sure one of us was always behind them, especially when we were skiing the trees. In deep snow, it can be dangerous if a kid falls. It’s damned difficult to get yourself up, and sometimes they need an adults help.

It’s important to keep sight of the kids and make sure you designate a meeting spot after the tree section. My biggest fear is losing them in a tree well. I’ve been trapped in one before and it can be a nightmare trying to extract yourself without some outside help.

We didn’t have any incidents though, and the powder day with the kids was more magical than any other powder day I’ve ever had.

Here’s a YouTube video of my wife tearing it up on that magical day

Powder skiing on Mt Ashland


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  1. I’ve subscribed to the “No friends on a powder day” belief for many years. I did cut my daughter a little slack though. But you are right, they learn so fast.

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