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Bear(s) in My Backyard

A couple of nights ago, at around 2:30AM, my normally quiet labrador retriever started going absolutely ape-shit in the backyard. We live on the edge of the woods, so we frequently get raccoons and other nuisances trying to get into the garage to steal cat food, but this bark was different. This bark was more on the frantic side and instantly got me out of bed.

I poked my head out the door and saw my lab bouncing around the base of a large ponderosa pine, her head tilted up barking like a damned hound dog.

I called to her and she bounced over to me panting and obviously very pleased with herself. I shined my light up into the tree expecting to see the glowing eyes of a coon.

I saw glowing eyes alright, but they were all wrong. Instead of the eyes being close together and right up against the trunk of the tree, they were far apart and 2 feet from the trunk. It was something much bigger than a raccoon.

I realized it’s black shape was that of a large black bear. It was a third of the way up the tree looking down at dog and man, wondering what we were gonna do. Continue reading Bear(s) in My Backyard