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Camping Games

There’s no shortage of fun when you’re camping and the fun is off the hook when you’re camping near water, but here’s an additional  camping game that’s sure to please.


The trick is to use items on your trip for the games, this way you’re not having to pack a bunch of space consuming toys.

Ammo Can

Ammo cans are great for river trip storage.
Ammo cans are great for river trips

One of my favorite river trip games is called, “ammo can.” It’s a game of skill and balance.

The setup is simple: pull two ammo-cans from the raft and empty the contents. Fill half the cans with wet river sand. (You want wet sand for the added weight).

Now place the cans about 15-20 feet apart in a flat sandy spot. Push the cans into the sand an inch or 2 (any more than that is cheating.) Be sure the cans are surrounded by sand not rocks or other obstacles that will hurt your feet.

Get a long length of soft nylon  chord that’s at least twice as long as the ammo cans are apart. For example: if your cans are 15 feet apart, your line should be 30 feet long.

In bare feet stand on the ammo can with the end of the line in your hand. Your opponent will be in the same position. The rest of the line slack will be in a pile between the competitors.

When someone says, “go” pull the slack as quickly as you can. The more line you get the more you have to work with. Now it’s a game of trying to pull the other person off the ammo can.

You’ll quickly learn that brute force doesn’t work. If you give a mighty yank, all the other person has to do is release some line and you’re pulling against nothing, you’ll lose your balance and fall off the can backwards. It’s a game of skill and balance…super fun.

The other way to win is by pulling the line out of your opponents hands. So if you’ve pulled most of the line and the person is hanging onto the end, one well timed yank may be all you need to win, but be careful, they’ll be expecting that.

A word of caution: use gloves to save your hands from nasty rope burns. The line should be soft, but if it’s zipping through your hand and you’re in the heat of the moment you may not notice the pain until after the game. Use gloves, or risk rope burns.

Here’s a short video of the game. Notice how they have the cans broadside? I much prefer having them turned long ways so my feet are positioned in  a more athletic, natural position. Also, being in bare feet helps with the balance.

Game Tip: Bend your knees and stay low for better balance.