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Apply for Idaho River Permits

It’s time to look to the upcoming summer and put in your dates for securingĀ a river permit for Idaho’s wild and scenic rivers.

It’s always tough to look so far ahead, I mean ski season just started, but you need to get on it and plan for your summer river trip.

You can apply online via the previous link until January 31st. Applying doesn’t guarantee a start, it’s a lottery(odds are 1 of 30 last I checked), but at least you’ll have a chance.

Better the Odds

To increase your chances remind your river running buddies to apply as well. Make a pact with them; if you get a permit you’ll invite them along, and they will reciprocate.

Pick a date you think will probably work then have your buddies pick the same day, this’ll increase your odds of one of you getting that start date. Don’t forget, anyone 18 years or older can apply, so if you buddy has kids…

The nice thing about figuring all this stuff out so early is that you’ll know whether or not you got a permitĀ in March. If you or your friends got a permit you’ll have a couple of months to get the time off and plan for the trip.

Planning for these big river trips isn’t easy and will be a topic for an upcoming post on outdooringdad.com. Continue reading Apply for Idaho River Permits