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The Nook: Is it Right for the Outdoorsman?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Barbara.K

I’m an avid outdoorsman and an avid reader. In fact I can’t fall asleep unless I’ve read at least a page or two no matter how tired I am. So when I got a Nook for Christmas last year, I was excited, but apprehensive.

Excited because the thought of having a device that holds more books than I could read in a year made me think of long river trips without having to fill my bag with a bunch of paperbacks. Apprehensive because…well it’s an electronic device exposed to the harshness of the outdoors.

First Generation Battery Life

It was apparent that the first generation Nook had one major flaw, it only held a battery charge for maybe 10 hours of reading. Hardly sufficient for long river trips. Can you imagine running out of juice in the middle of a 7 day Salmon river trip? Unacceptable.

This Christmas I turned my old Nook in for their new version, it promised to hold a charge for up to 2 months. This sounded like the answer to my problems.

I certainly saw the difference at home. I never seemed to have to charge the Nook. It lasted for weeks.  I started thinking this might be the ticket.

Then, last weekend I went on a trip to eastern Oregon to do some Chukar hunting. Eastern Oregon in Winter is cold…very cold. The nights dropped to 13 degrees and the days barely got above freezing. We were camping in our tent trailer so the Nook was never in a warm place.

New Generation Battery

After a long day of chasing Chukar around steep Eastern Oregon canyons, I was excited to crawl into my warm sleeping bag and do some reading. I turned on the Nook and lo and behold the damned thing was out of battery power. I’d fully charged it only 2 days prior.

It seems the Nook’s new longer lasting battery can’t take the severe cold of a Winter hunting trip. To be fair, this is harsh country and harsh conditions. I’m sure it would have worked out better if I’d been hunting in more moderate climes, but I was disappointed.

This leaves me with ambiguous feelings about the Nook. I love it at home, but won’t be taking it on any more outdooring adventures.