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Rogue Permits Are Out

It’s March which means those boaters who had the foresight to send in Rogue River Permit applications back in January and February will find out whether or not they were chosen.

rogue river
Creative Commons License photo credit: andrea dunlap

It’s March 5th now and lo and behold my wife got one! The happy news came in the mail. We did a happy dance knowing we’d get at least one rogue river trip in this summer. We called all our fellow boaters and filled them in on the great news.

I know it sounds like I’m making a huge deal out of this, but for us it really is. I’ve been putting my name into the lottery since I was eighteen years old and I’ve never gotten a permit. My wife, same thing. We figured there was something conspiring against us, but now the curse is broken; our family actually got a permit.

Our lack of success in the past doesn’t mean we haven’t gone down the permitted section of the Rogue, far from it, we’ve always been able to get on through cancellations, but obtaining a permit is so much easier.

Now we can actually plan our trip down to the last detail. We know in March that the week of August 2nd we’ll be on the river.

We can invite the people we want, plan our meals, our gear, everything. Our friends will have plenty of notice to get time off from work so we’ll have the exact crew we want to enjoy the trip.

We didn’t put permits in for any other rivers, but with our luck changing, maybe next year we’ll apply for some Idaho rivers like the middle fork of the Salmon.

Anyway, we know where we’ll be in August: on the beautiful rogue river.

Good luck to all you other boaters out there…if you haven’t heard from the Rogue lottery yet, you’re probably out of luck. Time to think about cashing in on some cancellations but don’t look at August 2nd, were not giving up our spots for anything.

How to Apply for a Rogue River Permit

In my previous post I mentioned that from December 1st through January 31st the great rivers of the northwest are open for applying for river permits. This means that if you want to take a private trip down the wild and scenic rogue river between May 15th and October 15th, you need to apply for a river permit.

Here’s the process for applying for a Rogue River permit:

1. Get your friends and family involved. Call up your river running buddies and remind them that it’s river permit application time. Talk about possible dates that might work, then let them know that if you get a permit you’ll invite them along  as long as they reciprocate the favor. This will greatly increase your chances of actually getting on the river.

2. Deciding on Dates. Obviously you need to decide on dates that would work for your family to be on the river. That’s not an easy task considering you’re deciding on dates still many months away. The BLM has created this document to help you figure out which dates have the best chance of your application being picked in the lottery.

3. Go to this site and print an Application Fill out the application and fax it back to their office. You’ll need to send 6 dollars for each application or they won’t process it. If you don’t get a permit you’re out 6 bucks but it’s a small price to pay for getting a spot on the river.

4. Sit tight and wait for March. The lottery winners are announced in early March. There are two ways to find out whether you’re on the list. If you haven’t gotten a letter by March 12th…you didn’t get a permit. If you’re inpatient and can’t wait until March 12th or just need some closure, they list the successful applicants online at the BLM site.

If you don’t get a permit don’t be discouraged, I’ve applied every year since I was 18 and I’ve never been succesful. In spite of that I have never gone a season without floating the wild and scenic section of the Rogue river. In an upcoming post I’ll fill you in on the secret to getting on the river without being a lottery winner.